Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #331 Answer And Hint: Monday, May 16th


It’s hard to believe that May is already halfway over. The school year is about to end. My kids are finishing up their 6th and 9th grades in just a couple of weeks and then it’s off to summer break. Sunny days, warm nights and lots of freedom.

Wordle, the popular word puzzle game created by Josh Wardle during the pandemic as a gift for his partner, continues to be an incredibly popular diversion for folks during these dark times of war, civil strife and rapid inflation.

Today’s word of the day is pretty great—perhaps a bit trickier than the average Wordle, but also just a cool, evocative word that, for me at least, conjures a sense of adventure.

So, without further adieu . . . .

Today’s Wordle #331 Hint & Answer

Wait! Hold up! Hold your horses there, pal! Don’t you know there are spoilers ahead?

Okay, now that you’ve been warned, sally forth!


Here’s your hint: You do this in a dungeon or the depths of some monstrous cavern.

And the answer is . . .

I think my first guess actually fits perfectly with the final word. If you have any hope of delving into a skeleton-infested dungeon or the depths of a dragon’s cavern, you’ll probably want to bring a torch. The flame will light your way.

On the other hand, it only got me two letters and one was in yellow. Guesses 2 and 3 were worse. Stole eliminated some letters but didn’t get the ‘L’ into green. Gripe eliminated lots more common letters—and words like ledge or hedge and so forth.

I wasn’t even sure the game would accept dulce which isn’t an English word at all, but it did (though I’m sure it’s not an answer). After plumbing my brain for more possibilities, I quickly settled on delve after this for the win.

As far as Wordle Bot is concerned, my first guess was a ‘solid choice’ that normally reduces possible outcomes to 147, but this time narrowed things down to just 50. My second guess narrowed the possibilities down to just seven words, though Wordle Bot recommends build over stole.

My third guess earned a ‘Good job!’ from Wordle Bot, as I had now narrowed things down to just one possible answer (though liege would have been better since it would have given me more data on the ‘L’).

Wordle Bot gave me a big fat ZERO for my next guess, though ironically perhaps also the highest praise its afforded me yet, gushing: “Dulce? Impressive vocabulary! There was only one possible solution left — and this wasn’t it. (Dulce is a valid guess, but it’s not one of the 2,309 Wordle solutions — sorry, I didn’t make the rules).”

Right, true, but of course I don’t look at the possible answers before guessing, Wordle Bot. In any case, there was still just one possible solution at this point and I got it. Yay me!

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