Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day #317 Answer And Hint: Monday, May 2nd


May is here at last and as the days get balmier and winter slips into the rearview, we all get just a little bit more excited about summer. I know my kids are counting down the days until they’re free from school’s clutches.

Another month, another Monday, another Wordle. The viral puzzle game has managed to stay on our collective radar all this time and while interest has definitely peaked, it remains one of the more popular diversions these days. The trick, I think, is only releasing one word per day. That keeps everyone on the same puzzle and prevents people from over-playing and burning out.

In any case, let’s take a look at today’s word.

An Introduction to Wordle

  • For those new to the game, read this Wordle primer before you start playing and learn about how this fad got started.
  • Then, if you want some advanced tactics to get those low guess answers, you can read the Wordle Tips and Tricks guide here.


Today’s Wordle #316 Answer and Hint

Word to the Wordlers: Spoilers ahead! But first we’ll give a helpful hint:

You’ll find these in books and in skyscrapers.

And the answer is:

Actually, if you put all four of my guesses together you get a pretty cool story idea: A weird shark storm story. Sharknado I guess. A Sharknado is a shark storm right? Pretty weird.

In any case, I thought these were pretty solid guesses. Got a green in guess #1 and kept adding green boxes until I got story. Not a spot of yellow anywhere.

Wordle Bot was less kind, pointing out that I should really open with crane every single time and then acting like shark, despite getting two greens, is a much worse guess than coast would have been.

Storm was good, however, according to the Bot. It’s one of the words the Bot would have chosen and narrowed down the possible solutions to one. Story!

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