Today’s Wordle #594 Hint, Clues And Answer For Friday, February 3rd


Well TGIF and then some. This week has been a little exhausting, though I’ve started feeling really good. It’s amazing what healthy living can do for your overall wellbeing! If I could just match my workout routine and healthy diet with decent sleep I’d have it made. Alas, I am not a great sleeper these days.

Part of that is the fact that I have to get up and take kids to school. Silly children, why can’t you just drive yourselves? Part of it is that I am a child at heart and like to stay up too late playing video games. What can I say? I took Peter Pan seriously. I am a lost boy. I don’t ever plan on growing up.

Growing up is for suckers and pirates, and while I wouldn’t mind being a pirate, I might also wonder—there in the dark recesses of my piratey mind—if maybe I was actually just a sucker.

In any case, one way to stay forever young—outside of cardio and nutritious eating and 8 hours of sleep a night—is to play games. Word puzzles like Wordle certainly count, even if they do also test your wits. So let’s solve today’s shall we?

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: The way a meal ought to be.


The Clue: There’s a double letter in this word.

The Answer (Spoilers):




As you can see, I did not beat the Wordle Bot today. My nemesis—the dastardly, evil, no-good, very-bad Bot who is also likely the reason the robots will eventually take over the world—got today’s Wordle in three. It took me four.

I like to score my Wordles against the Bot and today I got zero points for guessing in 4 and -1 for losing to WB, for a grand total of -1. No huzzahs for me!

Things didn’t start out so well today, with braid only nabbing me on yellow box and leaving me with 321 remaining solutions. Caste brought that number down to just five, and I waffled for a bit between pasta and hasty and finally decided it was better to guess a word with no repeat letters.

Well, that instinct was good and bad. Hasty was a better guess than pasta but the final answer ended up having a double-T. Tasty was my next guess and thankfully the word wasn’t nasty or I’d have solved this in five!

In any case, it’s Friday. You ain’t got no job. Etc. etc. Have a fun weekend folks!

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