Today’s Wordle #583 Hint, Clues And Answer For Monday January 23rd


It’s funny. I always talk about how fast time flies. But this January is actually moving kind of slowly. Either that or I’ve just packed a lot in. I was sick for two weeks, but since I’ve been better I’ve been hitting the gym like a crazy person and trying to get more and better sleep. I’ve stayed super busy but still feel like I have a reasonable amount of downtime. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Perhaps it’s the snow. Four feet or so have dumped on us here and we’ve been good and buried. Even now, with sunny skies, it’s cold enough that the snow appears to be here to stay. All around town, massive drifts and piles of the stuff. It’s wild. Maybe it’s slowed us all down. Maybe time itself has slowed and we’re only aware of it in a subtle, fuzzy sort of way, off the to the side of our consciousness.

Whatever the case, I doubt it will last. February is short and usually speeds past. Time stands still for no man, and all that jazz. Let’s do a Wordle!

How To Solve Today’s Wordle (with spoilers!)

The Hint: This Wordle may try to get away from you.

The Clue: This Wordle begins and ends with a vowel.

The Answer:





Yesterday I guessed meaty, which ended up being a very, very lucky guess. So lucky one might call it serendipitous. I said that today I’d go with fruit and so I did. It left me with just 85 guesses.

From here, I probably shouldn’t have guessed a word with the ‘U’ in place. I should have shot for some more vowels. But I went with shuck because it made me think of oysters and I knocked 60 more words from the pile.

At this point, I tried to guess a word that had as many different letters as possible and decided on gaudy, which was actually a really strong guess, leaving me with just two options. I admit, all I could think of was elude so I went with it and happily snagged the win. Huzzah!

Scoring this Wordle: 0 points for 4 guesses and 0 points for losing to Wordle Bot (who got it in 3—drat and damnation!) for a grand total of zero. Oh well! Could be worse!