Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been removed from a case over gender-affirming healthcare for trans youth

  • A Dallas Judge prevented Texas AG Ken Paxton from intervening in a case involving trans healthcare. 
  • The case involved a children’s hospital in Dallas suing to provide care for trans youth. 
  • Paxton has argued that gender-affirming care for trans youth is “child abuse.”

A judge prevented Attorney General Ken Paxton from further intervening in a case regarding healthcare for transgender youth after he attempted to reverse a court order that allowed a hospital in Texas to provide gender-affirming care for new patients.

Dallas County Judge Melissa Bellan said on Friday that she could not find evidence that Paxton or the state of Texas had the authority to intervene on behalf of individuals in the case, CNN reported.

The decision comes after Bellan provided an injunction and restraining order allowing Dr. Ximena Lopez at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas to continue providing gender-affirming health care for transgender youth in the state.

Paxton’s office argued that they should be allowed to bring experts to support a claim from Paxton that gender-affirming healthcare constitutes “child abuse,” which he wrote about in a February opinion.

The state of Texas has clamped down on healthcare for transgender youth in recent months. In February, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a directive ordering the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate parents and guardians who permitted children to receive gender-affirming care.

On June 11, a judge reinstated an injunction on Abbott’s directive, saying there was reason to believe plaintiffs would “suffer immediate and irreparable injury” if the law was enforced, the AP reported

Medical studies show that gender-affirming care is linked to lower rates of suicide and depression among trans youth. 

In response to legislation targeting LGBTQ youth across the country, President Joe Biden signed an executive order Wednesday. The order would give states guidance on policies that would expand physical and mental healthcare for LGBTQ youth, according to a White House fact sheet.

A representative for Paxton’s office did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.