Russian soldiers open fire on cyclist in Bucha in video verified by The New York Times

  • Ukrainian military footage verified by The New York Times shows Russian forces shooting at a civilian.
  • The video captures a scene from Bucha in early March when Russian forces occupied the suburb.
  • A later video reportedly captured a dead body in civilian clothing matching that of the cyclist. 

Aerial footage from Ukraine’s military from late February shows Russian soldiers opening fire on a cyclist in the Ukrainian suburb of Bucha, according to The New York Times.

The town outside of Kyiv has been the site of reported mass civilian casualties in recent days as Ukrainian forces move to retake the city after weeks of Russian occupation. Ukrainian officials said earlier this week that nearly 300 people were buried in a mass grave and said corpses were littering the streets of Bucha. 

Russia has denied responsibility for the bodies, but a Monday New York Times analysis of satellite images from Bucha suggests Russian forces were responsible for the deaths.

Now, the emergence of new video from the time period when Russia occupied the town, appears to show Russian forces shooting a cyclist.

The video, independently verified and published by The Times on Tuesday, and sourced from the Ukrainian military, shows a person with a bicycle walking down a street in Bucha. The cyclist walks the bike making a left onto a street occupied by Russian forces, where at least two Russian armored vehicles are stationed, per the video. Upon turning the corner, the armored vehicle fires multiple high-caliber rounds, per The Times video. The second armored vehicle follows suit firing two rounds in the direction of the cyclist. Next, white smoke is visible in the video.

After Russia withdrew from the region around March 30, a separate video filmed in Bucha captured a body wearing civilian clothing that matches the cyclist’s attire in the aerial footage lying beside a bicycle with a mangled leg, according to the outlet. 

A Times analysis of the aerial footage determined that more than 20 Russian military vehicles were positioned near the two armored-vehicles that fired. Per The Times report, the convoy was stationed near Yablonska Street, where more than a dozen dead bodies were documented by The Times visual analysis earlier this week.