‘Hawkeye’ Season 2 Clearly Needs To Be A Kate Bishop-Yelena Belova Team-Up


In many ways, Hawkeye seems like it’s pretty clearly being set up to be a one-off miniseries. That’s literally how it’s been labeled from the start, a miniseries, not a series. It is drawing inspiration from a very particular run of comics. It has Renner’s Hawkeye seemingly about to retire and pass the torch to Kate.

And yet, some big questions remain. As in, why would Disney spend all this time making audiences love Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop without continuing her story, and why wouldn’t that include a Hawkeye season 2?

After this week (spoilers follow), there’s a second question. What are Disney’s plans for the immensely talented Florence Pugh playing Yelena Belova, coming from Black Widow to be a new quasi-villain in Hawkeye?

I think you can see the obvious idea here to kill two birds with one stone. Not only should Hawkeye season 2 very clearly exist, but next time, it should continue the team dynamic not with Hawkeye and Kate, but with Kate and Yelena.


By that point, we have to assume that Yelena would get out of this “villain phase” and is not going to murder Hawkeye over the death of her sister. Instead, it seems pretty poetic that would could get a series that stars both Clint’s Hawkeye successor, Kate, and Natasha’s Black Widow sister, Yelena, working on the same side.

Some “shipping” fans have suggested a possible romance between the two, which doesn’t seem entirely out of the question. Neither Kate nor Yelena has had a love interest in their brief time in the MCU (in the comics, Kate dates a few male heroes), and Disney seems like it wants to have more inclusivity as shown by Eternals and its prominently featured gay couple. I think the fandom might literally lose their minds if this actually happened, but even if not, the two simply being uh, friends from work, would also make for a great series.

There are a lot of pieces in place to make this work already. Steinfeld and Pugh are good friends already, hyping each other up on Instagram this week after Pugh made her debut as Yelena on Hawkeye. And here’s Bert and Bertie, Hawkeye directors, on the two of them:

“When you’re directing actresses like Florence and Hailee, they bring so much to it. There was this immediate natural chemistry between them. When they give you that, it’s a gift, and you want to take care of it and unwrap it slowly.”

I mean, how much more evidence do you need that these two would work extremely well in their own series together? In the show itself, I also think they heavily hinted at this pairing. Kate has a headshot lined up on Yelena, but doesn’t take it and lets her escape. This is after Clint told her about his “best shot” being “the one he didn’t take” because he thought Natasha wanted to defect, and instead of killing her, he recruited her. Despite Yelena immediately trying to murder Clint, it seems Kate may have a similar feeling about her.

To me, the big question here is not if Steinfeld and Pugh will team up as Kate and Yelena, but whether that will be in Hawkeye season 2, an entirely new show, or even their own MCU movie, as both are certainly big enough stars to lead one. Maybe we’ll find out when Hawkeye wraps in two weeks. Stay tuned.

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