Elon Musk posted a series of memes on Twitter about abandoning his Twitter acquisition


Elon Musk is commenting on his decision to abandon his bid to buy Twitter by posting memes … on Twitter.

Musk’s lawyers informed the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday that the Tesla billionaire wishes to abandon his proposed acquisition of Twitter.

Musk agreed to buy Twitter in April for $44 billion. Twitter said in a statement Friday it is preparing to take Musk to court over his abandonment of the deal.

Late on Friday evening Musk started to joke about the situation on Twitter.

In one meme posted late Sunday featuring a series of photos of Musk laughing, similar to a popular meme featuring WWE boss Vince McMahon, Musk said Twitter would have to “disclose bot info in court.”

Musk also tweeted an image of actor Chuck Norris playing chess, and captioned it “Chuckmate.” It’s unclear whether this was in reference to his dealings with Twitter.

Musk’s lawyers said in the SEC filing Twitter’s provision of information around how many bots are on its platform is why Musk is walking away from the deal.

“Sometimes Twitter has ignored Mr. Musk’s requests, sometimes it has rejected them for reasons that appear to be unjustified, and sometimes it has claimed to comply while giving Mr. Musk incomplete or unusable information,” the filing said.

Musk first brought up bot numbers in May, when he tweeted the deal was “temporarily on hold” citing the need for proof that Twitter’s calculations for how many of its account are fake or spam was correct.

Musk said at the time he was “still committed” to the acquisition, but analysts said Musk might be looking to renegotiate the price of the deal or even walk away entirely.

Twitter in June provided Musk with its internal trove of data also known as its “firehose,” The Washington Post reported.