Ukrainian soldiers survived 70 days of encirclement by being air-dropped ammo and supplies by drone

    Soldiers of the 225th Separate Assault Battalion and the 223rd Marine Battalion after their 70-day ordeal near Chasiv Yar, 2024.

    225th Separate Mechanised Brigade/Armed Forces of Ukraine

    Ukrainian soldiers survived two months of being encircled by Russian forces. The only way to get supplies to them was using drones, their battalion said.The soldiers were fighting on one of the most brutal battlefronts of the war.

    Trapped Ukrainian soldiers who were surrounded by Russian forces survived for more than two months in large part due to drone deliveries, their battalion said on Wednesday.

    A group of at least eight soldiers from the 225th Separate Assault Battalion and the 223rd Marine Battalion withstood 70 days of encirclement despite injuries and constant Russian attacks, the 225th said in a Facebook post.

    According to Ukrainska Pravda, the soldiers were trapped along the Siverskyi Donets-Donbas Canal on the Chasiv Yar front, in eastern Ukraine.

    Forbes placed them in a forest just northwest of the city.

    While the battalion tried to clear a path to the trapped soldiers, they “held a perimeter defence, repelling the occupiers’ attacks around the clock,” the battalion wrote, per Ukrainska Pravda’s translation.

    “The only way to supply them was via drones, which we used to deliver ammunition, food and water,” it added.

    The battalion did not say when the events took place, and Business Insider was unable to independently verify the battalion’s report.

    According to the battalion, the soldiers’ position is still under Ukrainian control, and they have now been rotated out.

    Chasiv Yar has been the focal point of intense Russian assaults throughout the spring.

    The town itself is still in Ukrainian hands, but the Institute for the Study of War noted several Russian attacks in the area in recent days.

    This latest episode again highlights the important role drones are playing in the war in Ukraine.

    Exploding drone attacks on land and at sea, as well as the growing phenomenon of drone dogfighting, have dominated the headlines.

    But drones are also being used for supply missions, reconnaissance, and, in some cases, even helping Russian soldiers surrender to Ukraine.

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