Best cooling comforters of 2024: How to stay cozy without overheating

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    We tested a series of the best cooling comforters to help hot sleepers find comfortable and cozy blankets

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    For a great night’s sleep, it’s key to upgrade your bed with the best comforter. As summer rolls in and temperatures rise, selecting the best cooling pillows and comforters is a must to complete a comfortable sleep environment, especially for hot sleepers like my husband. They’re airy and breathable, designed to be cozy without feeling stifling, and some may even feel cool-to-the-touch.

    After testing a wide range of duvets and speaking with sleep experts, we’ve narrowed down the top nine cooling comforters that offer relief from future sweaty, uncomfortable nights. Our top pick overall, the , is, without a doubt, the coolest comforter we’ve ever tested. It is machine-washable and reversible. Most importantly, it truly delivers on its promise to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. For those who prefer real down, the Lands’ End Essential Down Comforter is also a standout, particularly noted for its excellent cooling properties. Having a lower fill power than average, it provides temperature regulation, ensuring you stay cozy and comfortable without overheating.

    Our picks of the best cooling comforters for hot sleepers

    Best overall: Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter –

    Best value: Silk & Snow Down Alternative Comforter –

    Best down: Lands’ End Essential Down Comforter – See at Lands’ End

    Best bamboo: Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter – See at Cozy Earth

    Best breathable: Buffy Breeze Comforter – See at Buffy

    Best temperature-regulating: Slumber Cloud UltraCool Comforter – See at Slumber Cloud 

    Best moisture-wicking: Casper Lightweight Humidity Fighting Duvet – See at Casper

    Best cool-to-the-touch: Comphy Coolspa Blanket –  See at Coop Sleep Goods 

    Best hypoallergenic: Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Comforter – See at Sijo

    Best overall

    The Rest Evercool Cooling comforter quickly become a standout favorite. It completely exceeded my expectations. It’s one of the coolest comforters I’ve ever tested — my husband and I never woke up hot or sweating during the latest heat wave when we tested it. Incredibly lightweight, it feels soothingly light and airy, making it a joy to snuggle into with its soft, silky, and smooth nylon and spandex shell.  

    What I love the most is its versatility — it’s reversible and comes in a variety of colors, including my personal favorite, aqua blue. Crafted from a blend of natural TENCEL and Sorona, an eco-friendly fiber made from renewable, plant-based materials, the Rest comforter offers exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. Washing it was a breeze due to its lightweight nature, and it retained its shape perfectly without clumping, shrinking, or stretching. 

    The Rest Evercool is quite frankly the coolest comforter; it kept my husband from overheating, available in several colors, and pet hair doesn’t stick to the fabric.

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    The added benefits of a 30-night return policy, one-year warranty, OEKO-TEX certification, hypoallergenic properties, and pet friendliness make it even more appealing. I was pleasantly surprised to find no cat hair sticking to it — a bonus feature for pet owners.

    That said, it does have some drawbacks. It is strictly a comforter and does not have loops if you’re looking to use a duvet cover and it can slide easily when paired with silky cooling sheets. As someone who doesn’t typically run hot, I woke up feeling chilly at least once. Unlike me, my husband, a hot sleeper, reported waking up feeling comfortably cool throughout our testing period.

    Overall, the Rest Evercool comforter lives up to its promise for hot sleepers, effectively managing sweat and moisture for a truly restful night’s sleep. 

     Best value

    The Silk & Snow Down Alternative Comforter was a delightful surprise in terms of both comfort and value. Opting for the lightweight version with 175 GSM (grams per square meter), the lower fill is ideal for those who tend to overheat at night. It strikes a perfect balance of cool and cozy. During our tests on warmer nights, it effectively dissipated heat, ensuring we woke up feeling comfortably warm but without any overheating issues. 

    Initially skeptical about its affordability compared to other options, I was pleasantly surprised by its luxurious feel and the quality of its materials. The 100% cotton exterior provides excellent breathability, and the vegan microfiber fill gives it a plush, down-like sensation that is incredibly soft to the touch. It’s also available in all-season and winter weights of 375 GSM and 500 GSM, respectively. 

    This lightweight down alternative comforter is plush and comfortable at a great price point.

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    It has retained its softness and plushness remarkably well after multiple washes. Practical features like built-in corner loops to keep the duvet insert in place and a handy storage bag added to its functionality. With a 100-night trial and a one-year warranty, it not only offered cooling comfort but also gave peace of mind about its longevity. I recommend the Silk & Snow to anyone looking for a cozy, budget-friendly cooling comforter that doesn’t compromise on quality. 

    Best down

    For those who love the feel of real down, like my husband, the Lands’ End Essential Down Comforter strikes just the right balance between warmth and breathability. Its lower 550 fill power makes all the difference in maintaining a plush feel without trapping heat, making it a good choice for hot summer nights. 

    I particularly liked how it compressed nicely without feeling bulky, but it might not appeal to those looking for a thicker, more plush comforter—although cooling comforters are generally made thinner to minimize heat retention. The cotton sateen shell adds a touch of elegance and reminds me of the cozy luxury found in high-end hotels, we looked forward to snuggling into it every night during testing. What impressed us the most was its ability to stay light and airy despite the down fill. 

    Fans of down will love how this Lands’ End option doesn’t trap heat, and it’s hypoallergenic.

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    My husband, the hot sleeper, mentioned getting a tad warm at least once during testing, but he quickly cooled down after briefly uncovering to cool off before covering up again. The comforter features fabric loops for securing in a duvet cover and a handy storage bag. there is no trial period, but they have a great 90-day return policy. Overall, the Lands’ End Essential Down comforter is a great option for those who prefer down fill. The comforter is both lightweight and substantial, making it suitable for warmer weather without overheating.

    Best bamboo

    Bamboo is one of the best materials for staying cool at night, thanks to its natural breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and temperature control. The Cozy Earth Comforter is the top pick for anyone seeking a natural hypoallergenic bamboo option that feels cool-to-the-touch. Its luxurious bamboo viscose fabric shell and fill are crafted to naturally regulate temperature. 

    Once unpacked from its beautiful canvas bag with leather straps, I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely it fluffed up. It molds around my body without trapping heat, providing a lightweight feel that keeps us cool and dry. Both my husband and I agree — it kept us refreshed, cozy, and feeling like royalty all night long. However, my husband, being the hot sleeper, did mention feeling a bit warm in the morning once during testing on a particularly humid night, though it was far from uncomfortably hot.

    Cozy Earth’s Bamboo comforter feels luxe all around, from the packaging to its silky, soft feel.

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    The higher price tag forces me to be more conscientious about care and maintenance. Using a protective duvet cover is a must. Plus, since it’s strictly dry clean only, it’s crucial not to risk washing it incorrectly if you’re investing in this pricier option. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for sleepers looking for naturally temperature-regulating bamboo that is responsibly sourced and suitable for year-round use. 

    Best breathable

    The Buffy Breeze Comforter has been a game changer for Lily, our kitchen editor during those in-between seasons when temperatures hover between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s noticeably cooler than other duvets she’s tried, but mentioned that once it hits over 70 degrees, it feels a bit too much — though that is typical for most comforters. It is also easy to handle, slipping effortlessly into a duvet cover, and it’s surprisingly soft and smooth to the touch. Lily described it as being thicker than a throw blanket and thinner than a poofy comforter — sort of like sleeping bag level.

    After a month of use, the fill has maintained even distribution, though it was reported that it has slightly flattened with regular use. Despite not being machine washable or necessarily cool to the touch, the Buffy Breeze stands out as our top choice for those prioritizing breathability. It features a 300-thread count TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell shell and fill that naturally enhances airflow. 

    Read our review of the Buffy Breeze comforter

    Best temperature-regulating

    The Slumber Cloud UltraCool Comforter stood out as one of the fluffier options, and its filling does wonders for temperature regulation while maintaining a substantial weight that you can feel. Compared to the others we tried, we loved how puffy and easy to maneuver it is. Throughout our testing, neither my husband nor I felt uncomfortably warm — the shell feels cool to the touch and effectively prevents heat buildup, keeping us comfortable all night long. 

    The science lies in its filling and shell; the outer fabric, made of cooling nylon and spandex, not only feels light and fluffy with a beautiful silky soft finish but actively cools as well. The patented ClimaDry by Outlast fiberfill impressively manages heat and moisture by absorbing, storing, and releasing it, effectively adapting to temperature changes. It kept us at a comfortable temperature without ever letting us get too hot, ensuring a cozy sleep experience throughout testing. 

    Slumber Cloud’s proprietary Outlast fiberfill manages heat and moisture by absorbing, storing, and releasing it, effectively adapting to temperature changes.

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    The comforter maintains its shape well, even after washing, and features convenient corner loops for securing it inside a duvet cover. While I also tested the thinner Lightweight comforter version, I preferred the plushness of the UltraCool, though both were equally effective at temperature control. Overall, besides being a bit pricey, I didn’t find many faults with it. I highly recommend the Slumber Cloud comforter for anyone in warmer climates seeking both plush comfort and excellent temperature regulation.

    Best moisture-wicking 

    For those who tend to sweat at night, a cooling comforter with moisture-wicking properties like the Casper Lightweight Humidity Fighting comforter is a must-have. During a recent heat wave, we put this unique comforter to the test, and it really delivered by keeping our body temperature in check making our sleep much more comfortable. It did a great job of keeping us dry and cool, which improved our sleep quality noticeably during those muggy nights. It also effectively controlled humidity, so we didn’t wake up feeling sweaty once. 

    Casper offers two weight options: fullweight and lightweight. We opted for the lightweight version, which is ideal for hot sleepers. The addition of merino wool, known for its moisture-wicking properties, adds insulation without feeling heavy. It features a 100% cotton shell, ethically sourced down fill, and a sewn-in chamber design that keeps the down evenly distributed and fluffy.

    A layer of wool helps keep humidity at bay, and in turn keeps you dry as you sleep.

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    This comforter is backed by a 1-year limited warranty, but there’s no trial period. The down feather composition has a lower fill power, making it less fluffy than some. However, its sleek gray color means it doesn’t need a duvet cover, and it’s easy to handle and store. It also softened nicely after washing, which was a pleasant surprise.

    Best cool-to-the-touch

    I’ve really come to love Coop’s products because they consistently exceed expectations, and their new Comphy blanket is no exception. If you’re a hot sleeper looking for a refreshing, cool-to-the-touch option, the Comphy CoolSpa Blanket is a fantastic choice.

    Coop’s cooling technology disperses more heat than bamboo, silk, or other popular synthetics. The breathable yet super-soft blend of nylon and spandex maintains an optimal temperature, allowing heat to dissipate throughout the night.

    Slip under the silky Comphy CoolSpa blanket for a refreshing feel.

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    I’ve used this comforter everywhere, from the bed to the couch, and it remains lump-free even after multiple washes. It’s light, airy, and silky-smooth, making every night’s sleep a delight — and yes, I’ve continued using it even after testing. My husband had no complaints; we both slept comfortably cool during testing. The comforter effectively dissipated heat, maintained a comfortable temperature, and cooled down quickly.

    That said, there was a slight initial odor, which vanished completely after the first wash. Now, it’s perfect. It’s become one of my top favorites, offering exceptional quality and effectiveness at a fraction of the cost compared to other options. Deciding between this one and the Rest Evercool was tough. The Evercool is our overall pick because it’s available in more color options, is hypoallergenic, and pet-friendly. But performance-wise, they come very close, both offering that refreshing, cooling sensation that hot sleepers seek for relief. It also does not have loops to be used with a duvet cover.

    Best hypoallergenic

    If both allergies and overheating are among your primary concerns, the Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Comforter can be a total game changer. It gave us one of the most refreshing and comfy sleep experiences even through warmer nights. The TENCEL lyocell shell is made from eucalyptus wood pulp, it really feels super clean and fresh — best for anyone seeking a hypoallergenic cooling comforter. 

    What really impressed us was how cool, silky, and soft it felt against our skin. The eucalyptus fibers are great at absorbing moisture and keeping heat at bay, so we actually stayed dry all night long. The eucalyptus fibers also naturally fight bacteria, perfect for those with sensitive skin. The comforter is treated with a silver ion antimicrobial treatment to make it extra clean. Plus, it’s certified asthma & allergy friendly and OEKO-TEX approved to ensure that no toxic chemicals are found in the product. 

    Eucalyptus, when spun into a textile, is great at absorbing moisture and keeping heat at bay.

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    Though it is a bit of an investment, this hypoallergenic, cooling comforter can be worth it for its quality, and eco-friendly design. It’s a top pick for anyone who wants a high-quality, cooling and hypoallergenic comforter that is also comfy and kind to the environment. 

    What to look for in a cooling comforter

    To find the best cooling comforter, consider these essential factors along with your personal preferences and needs: 

    Fill: Opt for safe and certified fills that promote temperature regulation such as bamboo, TENCEL lyocell, Eucalyptus, or cooling fibersShell material: Look for cool-to-the-touch shells that are made with breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo, TENCEL, or Eucalyptus. Cooling tech: Consider comforters made with special cooling technologies that actually work well at regulating temperature, like our top pick, the Rest Evercool made with natural TENCEL and Sorona filling blend or the Slumber Cloud’s  Ultra ClimaDry by Outlast fiberfill cooling technology. Breathability: Choose comforters with excellent breathability; it’s crucial to opt for one that allows air circulation to prevent heat buildup.Comfort and feel: Look for your preferred texture, loft, and softness against the skin to ensure comfort without compromising the cooling benefits.Ease of cleaning: Check the care instructions to determine how easy it is to maintain the comforter. Some require extra care, while others can be machine-washed and dried at home.Return policy and trial period: Consider a comforter with flexible return policies and trial periods in case it doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s important to allow time to adjust to sleep products such as comforters and pillows and to test out the effectiveness of their cooling capabilities. 

    How we tested cooling comforters

    Suzy Hernandez/Business Insider

    I tapped into my experience as a certified sleep science consultant and connected p with experts like Nishi Bhopal, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist and sleep specialist, Alex Dimitriu, MD, dual board-certified in psychiatry and sleep medicine and Chris Winter, MD, a neurologist and sleep specialist to evaluate the top cooling comforters on the market, focusing on these key factors that impact sleep quality: 

    Sleep quality testing: I spent 7 consecutive nights personally sleeping with each comforter in a climate ranging from 75 to 90 degrees (during a heat wave), taking notes on comfort and feel, temperature regulation, breathability, heat retention, and cooling capabilities. Additionally, my husband who is a natural hot sleeper, joined me in testing the comforters and provided his perspective on how well they performed. Materials and certifications: We took note of each comforter material, looking for the most innovative and effective cooling technologies, and looked for certifications for quality. Cleaning: We carefully read and followed care instructions, washing and drying the comforters multiple times to assess long-term durability. Some comforters in this guide are dry clean only or can be spot-cleaned. Shape retention: We dragged the comforters from the bed to the couch and noted any lumps or flattening after washing and sleeping with them. Some, like the Slumber Cloud UltraCool Comforter, require light fluffing after washing. Return policy and trial period: We think it’s important to be able to test out sleep products like comforters to determine whether or not they will work for each individual’s needs. We highlighted options that provide generous trial periods and flexible exchange and return policies. 

    Cooling Comforter FAQs

    What are the best comforters for hot sleepers?

    Dr. Winter recommends that in addition to ideal room temperature and light clothes, a cooling comforter that effectively dissipates heat can help hot sleepers achieve optimal sleep. The top cooling comforters incorporate advanced cooling technologies, along with materials like cotton, eucalyptus, and bamboo, which Dr. Dimitriu identifies as the coolest and most effective for dispersing heat and enhancing ventilation. 

    Can cooling comforters help with night sweats?

    Cooling comforters can alleviate night sweats by dissipating heat and creating a cooler sleep environment, as noted by Dr. Nishi. While they don’t entirely eliminate night sweats or hot flashes, they do offer a cool-to-the-touch sensation that can enhance comfort during sleep. 

    Are cooling comforters machine washable?

    While some cooling comforters are machine washable, others are more delicate and require dry cleaning or spot cleaning only. To ensure the maintenance of their cooling properties, it’s important to check the care instructions for specific guidance on washing and drying. 

    Can I use a duvet cover with a cooling comforter?

    Yes, you can use a duvet cover with a cooling comforter, although some, like the Rest EverCool and the Comphy CoolSpa, can be used without one! However, for others like the Cozy Earth, using a duvet for protection is highly recommended. Each comforter is designed to maintain its cooling benefits even when paired with a duvet cover, but choosing a duvet made with cooling materials can also enhance comfort.


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