Samsung announces its latest smartwatches, including a brand-new Galaxy Watch Ultra designed to take on Apple’s high-end wearable

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    Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 7 (left) and Galaxy Watch Ultra (right) are available to preorder now.

    Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

    Samsung announced its new Galaxy Watch lineup on July 10, including a first-of-its-kind Galaxy Watch Ultra and a Galaxy Watch 7. Both watches are available to preorder now from Samsung’s website and will be released on July 24. 

    Apart from the introduction of the first Galaxy Watch Ultra, the big news is Samsung’s integration of Galaxy AI across all the new Galaxy Watch models in 2024, which powers two new features called “Energy Score” and “Wellness Tips.” 

    Samsung’s new AI-powered ‘Energy Score’ and ‘Wellness Tips’

    Each of Samsung’s latest wearables offers the new Galaxy AI-backed features Energy Score and Wellness Tips, which are designed to help you better understand your body, health, and wellness. 

    Energy Score gives you an idea of your daily physical and mental condition by giving you a score out of 100. That score is based on seven metrics related to sleep, activity, and heart rate, with these metrics being collected by the Galaxy Watch’s sensors and processed by on-device AI. 

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultras run Samsung’s Galaxy AI for two major features, Energy Score and Wellness Tips.

    Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

    Wellness Tips is more like a personal coach. It delivers insights and personalized recommendations for exercise, sleep, stress, water intake, and other aspects. Wellness Tips tracks your daily condition over time to report on progress and recommend adjustments you can make to become healthier.

    You can check your Energy Score and Wellness Tips in the Samsung Health app on any Android phone that supports the app. However, the specific Insight function in the Energy Score feature needs a Galaxy device that runs Galaxy AI, and won’t be available on non-Samsung Android devices.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: Features

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra sports a rounded square titanium case with a circular display face, and it includes a new Quick Button for various inputs during a workout. A single press starts or pauses a workout, a double press indicates a new interval or lap for running and cycling, and a long press ends the workout.

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra’s new Quick Button gives you quick shortcuts to certain functions, but it’s rather limited at launch.

    Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

    So far, the new Quick Button and its exercise-related functions are limited to running and cycling workouts, but more workouts will surely be added over time with future updates. 

    Pressing the Quick Button for five seconds activates an 85db emergency siren that can be heard up to almost 600 feet away (180 meters).

    You can also set the five-second Quick Button press to open the Samsung Health app, the stopwatch feature, the flashlight function, or enable the waterlock mode when submerging underwater with the Galaxy Watch Ultra. Speaking of submerging underwater, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is rated for water resistance up to 330 feet (100 meters). 

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra runs on Samsung’s new Exynos W1000 smartwatch processor for smooth and quick performance and includes a dual-GPS system for faster locating and increased accuracy. 

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra has several sensors for increased hear rate measuring accuracy, as well as tracking for sleep.

    Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

    Samsung also touts the Galaxy Watch Ultra’s more accurate heart rate sensing for exercise and sleep tracking. With its new BioActive Sensor, it now includes heart rate thresholds and heart rate zones. 

    The company also boasts the Galaxy Watch Ultra has up to 16 hours of battery life, which is measured with an outdoor workout using full GPS functionality. Battery life on power-saving mode lasts up to 48 hours, but it could mean reduced GPS accuracy and heart-rate tracking. 

    On a day without workouts, Samsung claims the Galaxy Watch Ultra can last up to 60 hours with the always-on display enabled. In power-saving mode, the company says the watch could last up to 100 hours, but it’s not clear yet which features are disabled in power-saving mode. 

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: Price and release date

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra costs $649.99 and comes in Titanium Gray, Titanium White, or Titanium Silver color options. Three distinct watch bands are available for the Galaxy Watch Ultra: Marine, Trail, and PeakForm.

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra is available to preorder now from Samsung’s website, and will be released for general availability on July 24 at Samsung and major retailers.  

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Features

    The Galaxy Watch 7 is a decent upgrade over the previous generation, with the biggest upgrade being a higher storage option (up to 32GB), Samsung’s new BioActive Sensor, and a new Exynos W1000 processor. It also comes with the same Galaxy AI-powered features as the Galaxy Watch Ultra. 

    The Galaxy Watch 7 is a more mild update.

    Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

    There’s no Galaxy Watch 7 Classic with a spinning bezel released at the moment — only a standard Galaxy Watch 7 that comes in two sizes, including a large 44mm option in green and silver colors. The small model is 40mm and is available in green and cream colors. 

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Price and release date

    The Galaxy Watch 7 starts at $299.99. Three distinct watch bands are available for the Galaxy Watch 7 models, including Sport, Fabric, and Athleisure.  

    The Galaxy Watch 7 is available to preorder now from Samsung’s website, and will be released for general availability on July 24 from Samsung and major retailers.

    For preorders of the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra, Samsung is offering a free additional watch band and a 25% discount on a second device if you preorder one of the new smartwatches alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, or Galaxy Buds 3. 

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra: Specs

    SpecsGalaxy Watch 7Galaxy Watch UltraDimensions

    44mm: 44.4 x 44.4 x 9.7 mm, 33.8g 40mm: 40.4 x 40.4 x 9.7 mm, 28.8g

    47mm: 47.1 x 47.4 x 12.1mm, 60.5g


    Sapphire Crystal

    44mm: 1.5-inch (37.3 mm) 480×480 Super AMOLED, Full Color Always On Display

    40mm: 1.3-inch (33.3 mm) 432×432 Super AMOLED, Full Color Always On Display

    Sapphire Crystal

    47mm: 1.5-inch (37.3mm) 480×480 Super AMOLED, Full Color Always On Display

    Operating systemWear OS 5Wear OS 5ProcessorExynos W1000 (5 Core, 3nm)Exynos W1000 (5 Core, 3nm)Memory & storage2GB memory + 32GB storage2GB memory + 32GB storageBattery

    44mm: 425mAh

    40mm: 300mAh


    Starting price



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