I work in sales at Coach. Customers always make these 5 mistakes when buying luxury bags.

    I have helped a lot of people buy Coach bags over the years.

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    I’ve worked as a sales associate at Coach for two years, and I’ve seen customers make mistakes. Buy a bag that actually fits your essentials, not just whatever’s trendy.Keep your receipt and don’t assume highest prices means highest quality and best bag for you. 

    I’ve worked as a Coach sales associate for two years, so I’ve learned a lot about designer bags.

    Maybe you want one as an investment that can be resold for six figures down the road, or perhaps you just want to ferry your belongings to and from work in style. Either way, you’ll definitely want to be smart when putting your card down.

    Here are the five mistakes I often see shoppers make when buying designer bags and how you can avoid them.

    Avoiding the outlet stores

    Luxury bags can be affordable if you know where to look. Fortunately, a lot of designer brands have outlets with great deals.

    The Coach Outlet features many collections and a wide variety of high-quality bags, wallets, and accessories for up to 70% off.

    Overlooking practicality

    Don’t buy a bag or wallet that doesn’t fit your essentials.

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    Beyond aesthetics, practical features such as compartments, closures, and strap options contribute to a bag’s functionality.

    Ask an associate to see if they can fit your belongings inside the bag you’re looking to buy. Then, try it on. Make sure you like how the bag sits on you and how it looks full of your stuff.

    Overlooking key features can result in you buying a bag you won’t actually use — I’ve seen many customers return bags they thought they could make work for their lifestyle but couldn’t.

    Only buying a bag because it’s trendy

    It’s fun to keep up with the latest trends, but don’t buy luxury bags based on them. Make sure it actually fits your needs and is versatile.

    If the bag matches your personal style and meets your requirements, you’ll feel much more confident in your purchase.

    Not buying the products to maintain a good bag once you’ve got it

    See how a bag’s strap sits on your body and ask an employee if you’d like to see if your essentials will fit inside a bag.

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    When investing in a high-quality bag, you should also consider buying items that will help you keep it in great condition, like special cleaners or leather moisturizers.

    I often see customers not buy cleaners because they’re not nearly as exciting, but they can really help you keep your bag looking brand new.

    If you’re stumped, ask an associate or research your bag’s specific needs, which can vary depending on what material it’s made of.

    Not keeping the receipt

    Keep your receipts when buying luxury bags because many companies have warranties or price adjustments that require proof of purchase.

    It may also come in handy if you choose to resell your bag down the line. At Coach, you can also sign up as Coach Insider, so all your purchases will be tracked digitally, and receipts will be sent to your email.

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