The status symbols that men are obsessed with in 2024

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    Socks from Alo and sneakers from Asics are some of the most coveted items by men right now.They also can’t get enough of expensive lounge chairs, home golf simulators, and cold-plunge tubs.These items have become status symbols of sorts, showcasing men’s wealth and style.

    What makes a man cool right now? As it turns out, a few items help men tap into their rizz.

    Since the start of this year, men — from Gen Z to boomers — haven’t been able to get enough luxury items like Arc’teryx outerwear, $7,000 lounge chairs, and Dior cologne.

    But there are also some more affordable pieces — like Asics sneakers and trendy socks — that have also become status symbols for men.

    Here’s a look at the most popular items of the year so far and why men are obsessed with them.

    It seems like every man’s wardrobe includes Alo accessories, especially socks and hats.An Alo Yoga hat.

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    Alo has become the go-to fitness fashion brand in recent years — even surpassing LuLuLemon.

    The brand’s athleisure pieces are loved by celebrities and quiet luxury fans, and its high price points have pushed Alo to reach more than $1 billion in sales. The company is also expected to have 100 retail locations by the end of 2024.

    But two Alo accessories have become especially popular with men: the brand’s $24 half-crew socks and its $68 baseball caps.

    The appeal, of course, is that both are extremely simple in design, featuring nothing but the brand’s buzzy, three-letter name.

    When it comes to sneakers, men are choosing “ugly” options that cost less than $150 each.A pair of Asics sneakers.

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    The “ugly shoe” trend is nothing new, especially among Gen Z fashion fans, but one old-school sneaker brand has reigned supreme for men.

    Asics shoes have become a staple of men’s street style, pushing the brand to record sales and profits last year, according to Footwear News.

    The gel-soled, stripe-covered sneakers are also a major talking point on TikTok. Creators regularly show their collections of Asics Kayanos and give glowing reviews to other styles from the brand.

    It also helps that Asics running shoes typically retail under $150, so they’re as affordable as they are trendy.

    The most popular athletic shorts come from Vuori.A Vuori store sign.

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    For men, the brand’s sport shorts are worn not only during workouts but also as a fashion status symbol.

    Its popular Kore style, for example, costs $68 and is sold in at least 14 colorways. They were highlighted in Vuori’s most viral TikTok video of the year so far, which was posted in late February and has gotten 7.2 million views.

    Since launching in 2015, California-based Vuori has held a steady role in the athleticwear industry. It’s been valued at $4 billion and is on track to have more than 100 storefronts by 2026, according to Forbes.

    Publications like Business Insider, Forbes, and New York Magazine have also cited Vuori as one of the best athleisure brands for men this year.

    Arc’teryx continues to dominate the fashion landscape.Lil Yachty performs while wearing Arc’teryx.

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    If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’re likely familiar with Arc’teryx. The brand was formed in 1989 and has sold high-quality outerwear that’s said to protect from strong weather elements ever since.

    But it’s just as likely that you’ve discovered Arc’teryx on social media. Its Instagram is especially buzzy, with 1.4 million followers, and TikTokers regularly make content about the brand.

    That’s because Arc’teryx sits at the intersection of fashion trends and luxury. Its popular jackets typically cost upwards of $300.

    Add to the mix that musicians like Lil Yachty and Frank Ocean regularly wear the brand, and it becomes pretty obvious why Arc’teryx clothes remain a style status symbol for men in 2024.

    Many men are rocking vintage-style Casio watches.Casio watches from the ’90s.

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    When you think about men’s watches, luxury brands like Rolex might be the first that comes to mind. But in 2024, it’s actually all about affordable pieces from Casio.

    The brand is especially big on platforms like TikTok, where male creators regularly make videos (and garner over a million views each) that showcase the Japanese company’s timepieces.

    Variations of Casio’s AQ-230A design — which features both analog and digital clocks — are especially popular, typically retailing for less than $50. The trendy style was inspired by a similar watch Casio sold in the mid-’80s.

    Others have their eye on a statement timepiece from Patek Philippe.A Patek Philippe storefront.

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    If you prefer expensive designer watches, you’re probably familiar with Patek Philippe’s Golden Ellipse designs.

    Publications like Forbes have named the $60,000 Rose Gold variant, which has 300 hand-crafted links and 18-karat gold pieces, as one of the year’s best watches.

    And according to Google Trends, searches for Patek Philippe reached their highest peak since 2018 in May.

    Everyone is buying their three-piece sets from Suitsupply.The Havana suit in dark orange from Suitsupply.


    When you search “#suitsupply” on Instagram, you’re met with more than 361,000 posts — many of them being “fit checks” posted by men this year to show off their designer garments.

    That’s because pieces from the brand have become major fashion status symbols as of late. Some customers have chosen to mix SuitSupply pants with other pieces from their wardrobe, while others are rocking full monochrome outfits, like the $859 Havana set, from the brand.

    Speaking with Business Insider, a representative for SuitSupply said the company “is breaking sales records in stores worldwide” and that demand for suits is especially “accelerating in the USA.”

    And the scent of Dior Sauvage is everywhere.A bottle of Dior Sauvage cologne.

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    Calabrian bergamot, vanilla, and patchouli are the top notes of Dior Sauvage — arguably the most popular fragrance for men in 2024.

    Sephora’s website lists the designer cologne, which is sold in five sizes between $85 and $270 each, as one of the best-sellers for men.

    Dior has also gone viral with Sauvage advertisements, like one extremely short “film” narrated by Johnny Depp. Since being uploaded to YouTube in early March, the video has been viewed more than 11 million times.

    Corporate guys love expensive lounge chairs from Herman Miller.An Eames lounge chair from Herman Miller.

    Herman Miller

    In particular, the expensive Eames lounge chair has become the ultimate status symbol for wealthy men. It’s covered in leather, features a matching ottoman, and has been a staple of the designer brand since 1956.

    Its regular model costs $6,895, while the tall version is priced at $7,395. However, depending on the wood and leather you choose, the chairs can actually cost closer to $10,000 each.

    The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is consistently one of our bestselling products,” Jennifer Nield, the vice president of lifestyle at MillerKnoll, Herman Miller’s parent company, told BI.

    She also added: “Although the word “icon” is overused, it’s exactly the right word in describing the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.”

    What man doesn’t want a golf simulator in his home?A golf simulator at the One Dalton: Four Seasons residences in Boston.

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    Indoor golf simulators seem to be popping up everywhere, from office spaces to breweries.

    But some men prefer having golf tech added to their homes — something Larry Olmsted cited in a Forbes piece earlier this year. The quality of at-home simulators is improving, and price tags are becoming relatively more affordable.

    Some of the most popular options from FlightScope and Skytrak, for example, retail between $3,995 and $6,298. The technology is still expensive but not as pricey as the $50,000 set-ups that some professional golfers use.

    The ultimate wellness status symbol is cold-plunge tubs.A cold tub from Plunge.


    Everyone seems to be into cold plunges, from influencers to celebrities like Mark Wahlberg. And this year, many folks are opting to take the plunge at home.

    According to Google Trends, searches for “cold plunge tubs” peaked in January and are back on the rise this month.

    A $132 tub from The Pod Company is one popular option, as is the more luxurious $8,490 tub from Plunge.

    Every guy who wants to try rucking needs a strong backpack.A man carries a GoRuck backpack.


    Rucking, or the practice of carrying heavy weight over long distances, is a huge fitness trend this year.

    So naturally, many men are now purchasing rucking bags to participate in the activity. Those from GoRuck, which can cost up to $585 each, are especially popular.

    The brand also experienced a peak in online searches this month, according to Google Trends.

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