Insider Today: Delta’s bougie new lounge

    This entrance, located on the Terminal 4 departures level, can be used by arriving or connecting travelers. It has its own check-in and connects to the security-level entrance via an elevator.

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    Welcome back to our Saturday edition! Eating healthy just got a lot easier. A longevity expert says two pantry staples are actually the cornerstone of a hearty diet.

    On the agenda:

    A 64-year-old says she reversed her biological age with a simple, cheap diet.Taylor Swift knew exactly what she was doing bringing Travis Kelce onstage.The first-ever Delta One Lounge is just as bougie as you’d expect.Summer camps are cracking down on “Sephora Kids.”

    But first: It’s time to talk about work BFFs.

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    This week’s dispatch

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    To friend or not to friend — that is the question

    Lisa. Nicole. Malorie. Those are the names of my work besties from newsrooms across New York City.

    They made the intensity of meeting deadlines bearable, offered great conversation during otherwise monotonous lunch breaks, and gave me much-needed companionship while working well beyond 40 hours a week.

    A few years ago, this wouldn’t have seemed revelatory. But now, with hybrid work in full swing, having a work best friend has become rarefied air, and there’s a growing debate around whether it’s even worth it to have work friends at all.

    Business Insider’s Emily Stewart said it may be a good thing that work friendships are disappearing. She writes, “After years of being told to bring our whole selves to work, many of us could stand to leave a little more at home.”

    Meanwhile, BI’s Madison Hoff and Ayelet Sheffey noted that a lack of work friendships is bad news for not only companies, but employees too. “Humans need each other and collaborate more effectively when they have real relationships,” Gallup’s director of research Ben Wigert told them.

    Personally, I can’t help but form friendships at work. Blame my southern upbringing or the fact that I’ve seen how connection benefits me — and the quality of my work.

    So, what do you think? Let me know if you’re for or against work friendships.

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    An age-reversing diet

    Amy Hardison, a 64-year-old grandmother of 11, has earned a top spot in the Rejuvenation Olympics. She’s even outpaced Bryan Johnson, the tech CEO who spends $2 million a year on his longevity routine.

    While Hardison said she spends about $300 a month on supplements, the rest of her longevity routine is cheap or free. She said she does exercises she enjoys, eats homemade bread, and always has dessert.

    More longevity tips from the 64-year-old.

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    A move from the Swiftian playbook

    Taylor Swift has practically trained fans to analyze her actions for potential easter eggs. Just like her songs and social media posts, there’s a lot to unpack in the decision to bring boyfriend Travis Kelce onstage at the Eras Tour show in London.

    The Kelce feature is a callback to the success of Swift’s “1989” era, when she basked in the public spotlight. It’s also a savvy business move: She’s leveraging peak headline dominance with a maximalism true to her brand.

    Taylor Swift, business mastermind.

    This entrance, located on the Terminal 4 departures level, can be used by arriving or connecting travelers. It has its own check-in and connects to the security-level entrance via an elevator.

    Taylor Rains/Business Insider

    Inside the first Delta One Lounge

    Delta Air Lines just unveiled its first-ever business-class lounge, located in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    The highly anticipated lounge — which comes in at nearly 40,000 square feet — offers high-class perks like a wellness center, terrace, and full-service restaurant. BI’s reporter got a tour, and says it’s the best lounge of its kind.

    Check out the new lounge.

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    Kate Dehler for BI

    Summer camps crack down on “Sephora kids”

    In the past year, beauty influencers on TikTok have helped turn niacinamide serums and eye creams into playground status symbols. But high-end summer camps are drawing a line in the sand.

    Some have sent letters to families demanding kids leave their luxury skincare at home. But for every parent relieved by this crackdown, there’s a kid who’s upset about leaving their mini-fridge full of creams behind.

    More on camps’ skincare bans.

    FX, Abanti Chowdhury/BI

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