How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership on desktop or mobile

    You can cancel Amazon Prime at any time.

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    An Amazon Prime subscription comes with several great benefits, including free two-day shipping, streaming services (Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music), and exclusive access to all of the top deals during Amazon Prime Day sales.

    But for $139 a year or $15 a month, the expense may not be worth it to everyone. If you decide you don’t need the membership anymore, you can easily cancel Amazon Prime. Canceling your Amazon Prime subscription is straightforward, whether you have a free trial or pay for the service. 

    Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cancel Amazon Prime.

    How to cancel Amazon Prime membership

    You can end your Prime membership on a web browser or with the mobile app.

    On a web browser

    1. Log into your Amazon account, hover over Account & Lists, and click on Prime Membership in the drop-down menu.

    Hover over “Account & Lists” and click “Prime Membership.”

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    2. On the top right-hand side of the page, click on Update, cancel, and more under the Membership heading. Then click End membership.Click this drop-down menu and select “End membership.”

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    Quick tip: An alternative way to get here is to select Membership & Subscriptions on the Account & Lists drop-down and then select Prime Membership settings on the right of your Prime subscription.

    Click on “Prime Membership settings.”

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    3. On the next page, click Cancel My Benefits.Click on “Cancel My Benefits.”

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    4. You’ll then be asked to reconsider your decision, but if you still want to go ahead, click Continue to Cancel.

    Click on “Continue to Cancel.”

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    5. Amazon will ask you to reconsider again, but since you’re certain you want to cancel your Prime subscription, click Cancel Membership.

    On the mobile app

    1. Open the app on your iOS or Android device and log into your account.

    2. Tap the profile icon in the menu at the bottom.

    Tap on the profile icon.

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    3. Tap Your Account

    Tap on “Your Account” to access your account settings.

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    4. Scroll down and tap Memberships & subscriptions.

    Tap “Memberships & subscriptions.”

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    5. Tap Prime Membership Settings.

    Tap “Prime Membership Settings.”

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    6. Tap Manage membership.

    “Manage membership.”

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    7. Tap Manage Membership – Update, cancel, and more – the last option in that menu.

    Tap on “Manage Membership – Update, cancel and more.”

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    8. Tap End membership.

    Tap “End membership.”

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    9. Scroll past all the benefits that try to entice you to keep your Prime membership and tap Cancel My Benefits.

    Tap “Cancel My Benefits.”

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    10. Ignore the benefits again and tap Continue to Cancel.Tap “Continue to Cancel.”

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    How to cancel Amazon Prime Video

    Prime Video is one of the best streaming services, and you can subscribe for $9 a month if you’re not a Prime member. But if you’re ready to cancel, whether you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber or only subscribe to Prime Video, here’s how to terminate your service. 

    Note: If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, this will cancel your entire Prime plan, not just Prime Video. 

    1. Open Amazon in any web browser. If you aren’t already signed in, do so now.

    2. Once signed in, hover your mouse over Account & Lists in the top-right. In the drop-down menu, click Your Prime Membership.

    Choose “Your Prime Membership” from the menu.

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    3. Near the top of the page, click Manage Membership.

    4. In the drop-down menu, click End Membership, and then confirm this is what you really want to do. 

    In the drop-down under “Manage Membership,” click “End membership.”

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    5. Amazon will make you go through several pages where you have to confirm that you want to end your subscription on every page. Be sure to confirm all of them. 

    Amazon will repeatedly ask if you really want to end your Prime or Prime Video membership.

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    Once you confirm your cancellation, your membership will be ended.

    How to get a refund after canceling Amazon Prime 

    According to Amazon, customers who paid for a Prime membership but never used their benefits could be eligible for a full refund.

    If you cancel your membership within three business days of converting from your free trial, you’re also eligible for a full refund, provided you didn’t use any Prime benefits during that time.

    Those who have used the benefits could be eligible for a partial refund based on the remaining time in their membership and their use.

    Amazon will process all refunds within three to five business days.

    Quick tip: To inquire about Amazon Prime refunds, you can contact Amazon customer service via phone, online chat, or email.

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