Celebrity cameos to look out for in the star-studded third season of ‘The Bear’

    Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Richie and Ayo Edebiri as Sydney in season three of “The Bear.”


    All 10 episodes of season three of FX’s “The Bear” were released on Wednesday.The new season is packed with notable celebrity guest stars and cameos. Jamie Lee Curtis, Joel McHale, Will Poulter, and more return as guest stars.

    The Bear” is back for another season of kitchen chaos and celebrity cameos.

    The 10-episode third season, which was released on Wednesday, focuses on chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto’s (Jeremy Allen White) mission to earn a Michelin star for his newly renovated eatery, The Bear.

    Season three includes many appearances from real-life chefs and restauranteurs, including Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, René Redzepi, and Christina Tosi.

    Similar to past seasons, the latest batch of episodes features notable celebrity guest stars and cameos. Here they all are.

    Jon Bernthal guest stars as Michael Berzatto (aka Mikey) in various flashbacks. Jon Bernthal as Michael Berzatto in season three, episode six of “The Bear.”


    Bernthal shows up in the season premiere and again in episode six, which shows how Tina Marrero (Liza Colón-Zayas) landed a job as a line chef at The Original Beef of Chicagoland after having a heartfelt conversation with Mikey, the then-owner.

    Olivia Colman reprises her role as Andrea Terry, the owner of the upscale restaurant Ever. Olivia Colman as Andrea Terry in season three, episode 10 of “The Bear.”


    Colman appears in flashbacks that show how her gentle but firm leadership at her restaurant, Ever, shaped Carmy into a skilled chef. She returns in the season finale, which focuses on her restaurant’s closing.

    Will Poulter guest stars as Luca in the first and last episodes of the season. Will Poulter as Luca in season three, episode 10 of “The Bear.”


    The season premiere shows Luca and Carmy working alongside each other in a series of flashbacks. In the finale, Luca is one of many chefs who attends the farewell celebration for Ever.

    Joel McHale returns as David Fields, the rude, verbally abusive chef who Carmy worked for in New York. Joel McHale as David Fields in season three, episode 10 of “The Bear.”


    McHale returns in several flashbacks in the season premiere showing Carmy’s stressful life in New York. David and Carmy cross paths again in the season finale at the closing of chef Terry’s restaurant.

    John Mulaney has a cameo as Stevie in the season three premiereJeremy Allen White as Carmy and John Mulaney as Stevie in season three, episode one of “The Bear.”


    After showing up in season two’s chaotic “Seven Fishes” episode, the comedian briefly appears in the season three premiere during flashbacks of Carmy crashing on Stevie’s couch while living in New York.

    Josh Hartnett guest stars as Frank, the fiancé of Richie’s ex-wife Tiffany. Josh Hartnett as Frank in season three, episode four of “The Bear.”


    The “Oppenheimer” star appears in episodes four and six.

    John Cena guest stars as Sammy, one of the many Fak siblings.John Cena as Sammy Fak in season three, episode five of “The Bear.”


    Cena gets significant screen time in episode five, as his character arrives at The Bear to buff the floors ahead of a photo shoot.

    “Billions” co-creator Brian Koppelman plays Nicholas Marshall aka “The Computer.”Brian Koppelman in season three, episode five of “The Bear.”


    He’s a friend of Uncle Jimmy who visits The Bear to break down their expenses and identify areas where the restaurant could cut costs.

    “Dexter” actor David Zayas guest stars as David, Tina’s husband.Liza Colón-Zayas as Tina and David Zayas as David in season three, episode six of “The Bear.”


    Zayas, who’s been married to Tina actor Liza Colón-Zayas since the ’90s, guest stars in episodes one and six.

    In the emotional eighth episode, Jamie Lee Curtis makes her long-awaited return as Donna, the Berzatto matriarch.Jamie Lee Curtis as Donna and Abby Elliott as Natalie in season three, episode eight of “The Bear.”


    When Natalie goes into labor while running an errand, Donna is the only person who answers her call and keeps her company at the hospital.

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