The 10 best states for summer road trips, ranked

    Summer is the perfect time for a road trip.

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    WalletHub released a report ranking the best US states for summer road trips.States were ranked across 32 metrics including gas prices, safety, and number of attractions.Texas was ranked the best state for summer road trips, followed by Minnesota and New York.

    If you’re determined to take a road trip this summer but aren’t sure where to go, consider one of these 10 states ranked by WalletHub as the best summer road-trip destinations.

    To determine the best states for summer road trips, WalletHub, a personal-finance website, measured 32 metrics in each state across three overall categories: costs, safety, and activities.

    Each state’s road trip potential was determined by examining factors such as gas prices, safety, and the number of attractions including amusement parks, historical sites, and national parks.

    These 10 states earned the highest scores in WalletHub’s ranking.

    10. PennsylvaniaThe Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.


    Pennsylvania ranked 32nd in costs and 14th in both safety and activities, according to WalletHub.

    Popular road-trip destinations include views of Amish country along Route 30 and historic sites such as Gettysburg and the Liberty Bell.

    9. MaineAcadia National Park in Maine.

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    In addition to numerous scenic byways, Maine is also home to Acadia National Park, one of the most-visited national parks in the US.

    WalletHub found that Maine had the lowest average cost of car repairs out of any state. Maine was also the safest state, taking the top spot in WalletHub’s safety ranking. It scored 29th in costs and 30th in activities.

    8. WyomingYellowstone National Park.


    Camping prices in Wyoming are the second-lowest in the country — perfect for visiting hot spots like Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Wyoming was also the fifth-safest state in WalletHub’s ranking and placed 22nd in activities.

    7. North CarolinaThe Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

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    North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway helped the state rank fourth for the most scenic byways and seventh in WalletHub’s overall activities ranking. It was also 17th in costs and 34th in safety.

    6. OhioThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

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    Ohio features a mix of natural wonders like Cuyahoga Valley National Park, touristy spots like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and quirky roadside attractions like the world’s largest basket.

    It’s the second-cheapest state for car repairs behind Maine, contributing to its ranking of 21st in costs. WalletHub also ranked Ohio 24th in safety and 13th in activities.

    5. FloridaWalt Disney World in Orlando.

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    Florida is tied with Alaska, Hawaii, California, and Washington for the state with the highest percentage of total area designated as national parkland. It also has attractions like Disney World, placing it second in WalletHub’s activities ranking (California, the home of Disneyland, snagged the top activities spot).

    Florida ranked 23rd in costs, but last in safety.

    4. LouisianaNew Orleans.

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    Louisiana has the third-lowest average gas prices, contributing to its first-place pick in WalletHub’s costs ranking. It ranked ninth in activities and 46th in safety.

    New Orleans offers a plethora of live music, Cajun restaurants, and lively festivals, but there’s also plenty of wildlife to see in Louisiana’s famous wetlands.

    3. New YorkNew York City.

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    New York is full of fascinating tourist sites with the second-most National Historic Landmarks per capita, placing it third in WalletHub’s activities ranking. It ranked 40th in costs and 12th in safety.

    In addition to the densely packed streets of New York City, upstate New York offers hiking trails, historic mansions, and views of Niagara Falls.

    2. MinnesotaThe Minnesota State Fair.

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    Minnesota ranked 12th in costs and 20th in activities. WalletHub found that the state has the third-fewest vehicle fatalities per million miles, contributing to its ranking of seventh in safety overall.

    Minnesota also has the fourth-most fairs and festivals per capita in the summertime — the Minnesota State Fair in particular is legendary for its over-the-top culinary offerings.

    1. TexasA road sign at the Texas border.

    Janece Flippo/Shutterstock.

    With over 9,500 miles of scenic byways, numerous famous attractions including The Alamo and the Space Center Houston, and affordable accommodations, WalletHub ranked Texas the No. 1 state for summer road trips in 2024. It topped WalletHub’s list with rankings of 11th in costs, 39th in safety, and fifth in activities.

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