Micah said the ‘Perfect Match’ cast had to wait until the season finale to find out if Harry and Melinda kissed — just like fans

    Micah Lussier (R) said Harry Jowsey (L) did not tell the cast that he kissed Melinda Berry during the season two finale reunion.

    Courtesy of Netflix

    Warning: spoilers ahead for “Perfect Match” season two.Netflix finally revealed that Harry Jowsey did kiss Melinda Berry behind his partner’s back in the season two finale.Micah Lussier told “The Viall Files” that the cast wasn’t shown footage proving the kiss happened before it aired. 

    Perfect Match” star Micah Lussier said the cast found out the truth about whether Harry Jowsey and Melinda Berry kissed at the season two finale last week — just like viewers.

    Season two lovebirds Harry and Jessica were caught up in the biggest scandal of the season after Melinda Berry said she and Harry kissed in episode nine.

    The kiss was said to have happened at a party where the men could interact with women away from their partners on the show.

    Harry adamantly denied the kiss on the show, but after hearing Melinda’s story, Jessica decided to break things off with Harry in episode 10.

    Hype around the scandal built because Netflix didn’t provide proof of whether the kiss happened. Instead, in the final moments of the season finale, it showed a supercut of clips showing Melinda and Harry conspiring to kiss off-camera and Harry feeling guilty afterward. In one of the clips, Harry asked if the producers caught the kiss on camera when he thought he wasn’t being recorded.

    Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey dated for most of “Perfect Match” season two.

    Courtesy of Netflix

    Micah told Wednesday’s episode of “The Viall Files” podcast that the cast, including Jessica, weren’t shown the clips in the finale before it aired last week.

    “We saw it with the rest of the world. Had no idea there was any audio, any footage, anything like that,” Micah said.

    Harry apologized for his behavior in the series without mentioning the kiss during the cast reunion in the finale but Micah told the podcast that he never admitted to the kiss on the main show. Micah, who is now Jessica’s friend, also suggested that Harry never told Jessica the truth.

    “Knowing how strong of a woman Jess is, she probably would not have ever given Harry any sort of chance if she knew the full truth,” Micah said. “I don’t think he ever admitted it to her until he was caught red-handed.”

    Micah added that Harry may not have needed to tell Jessica the truth because they broke up a month after filming the series.

    A representative for Harry and Jessica did not respond to a comment request from Business Insider.

    On Tuesday, Harry finally admitted he lied about the kiss on his podcast, “Boyfriend Material,” and apologized to the cast, Jessica, Melinda, and his fans.

    Before the finale last week, Jessica said in an Instagram reel that she was “anxiously waiting to see the verdict of the kiss,” corroborating Micah’s claim that the cast weren’t shown any clips before they aired.

    “I appreciate your patience as I process new information I’ve learned through watching the show with all of you,” she said.

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