Israeli parents have been warned to take social media off of children’s phones over fears of broadcasted hostage videos from Hamas – DAVID RAUDALES


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Israeli parents have been warned to take social media off of children’s phones over fears of broadcasted hostage videos from Hamas

An Israeli solider stands at the grounds of the Supernova electronic music festival after Saturday’s deadly attack by Hamas militants.

Ilia Yefimovich/picture alliance via Getty Images

Israeli parents are being warned to delete apps from their kids’ phones over hostage video fears.
A Tel Aviv school’s parents association warned parents to remove apps like TikTok, CNN reported.
Hamas militants took dozens hostage from Israel amid the group’s deadly attacks on Israel. 

Fears that fighters from the Palestinian militant group Hamas will broadcast videos of hostages taken from Israel have prompted warnings to Israeli parents to delete social media from their children’s cell phones. 

A parent association at a school in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv said it was told to expect the emergence of videos showing hostages “begging for their lives,” CNN reported on Tuesday. 

The association asked parents to remove social media apps, including TikTok and Instagram, from their children’s phones, according to the news outlet. 

“We cannot allow our kids to watch this stuff. It is also difficult, furthermore — impossible — to contain all this content on social media. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,” the message read, the report said. 

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, launched highly coordinated, large-scale surprise attacks on Israel early Saturday morning, igniting an all-out war with the Jewish state. 

The assault by the militant group on Israel has already left more than 1,000 people dead as well as dozens, including women, children, and seniors, kidnapped, Israel’s US embassy told CNN.

An estimated 150 people have been taken hostage by the Hama fighters, according to a preliminary assessment shared with The New York Times by a senior Israeli military official.

US President Joe Biden said on Monday that at least 11 Americans were among those killed in the Hamas attacks and that it is “likely” that American citizens could also be among those being held by Hamas militants. 

Hamas militants have already threatened to execute hostages if Israel targets Gaza residents in their homes “without prior warning.” 

An Israel Defense Forces spokesperson warned Tuesday that killing hostages “will not make things better,” according to CNN. 

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that the “war crime” of hurting hostages “will not be forgiven,” according to the Associated Press. 

Israel declared war on Hamas after the attacks, launching retaliatory strikes in Gaza, where hundreds more people have been killed.

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