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Where to watch RB Leipzig vs. Man City live stream for free from anywhere in Champions League

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Erling Haaland will be looking to add to his tally tonight for Manchester City.

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It’s super simple to catch a free RB Leipzig vs. Man City live stream today. We can help get you set up in just a few clicks. We’ve also found an option for Dortmund vs. AC Milan. If you’re looking for cheaper ways to enjoy every Champions League match this season, we’ve compared various international options and can help you reach them from abroad, too. 

Last season, Man City’s Haaland put five past RB Leipzig in a 7-0 thrashing. So, if there’s a match to end his minor draught in the competition, it’s this one. The pressure’s on him, and indeed the rest of the team as current holders, not to mention they picked up their first defeat of the Premier League season on Saturday against Wolves. Meanwhile, RB Leipzig are sitting fifth right now in the Bundesliga but are only three points away from first in a tightly-packed start to the season in Germany. 

If you’re not in the country showing the free games from the list below, you’ll hit a geo-block when you try to watch. Not with a VPN (virtual private network), though, which masks your location to get around region blocks and greatly improves your online security and privacy in general. A VPN helps unlock multiple free Champions League live streams for every round of the tournament, as numerous markets around Europe feature free games on local channels for every match day. 

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Champions League live stream quick links:

USA (every game): Paramount Plus (7-day free trial)Access live streams internationally via ExpressVPN (try it risk-free for 30 days)RB Leipzig vs. Man City – ServusTV in Austria (free)Borussia Dortmund vs. AC Milan – RTL2 in Luxembourg (free)Australia (every game): Stan Sport (30-day free trial)*UK (every game): TNT Sport / Amazon Prime add-on £29.99/pm Canada (every game): DAZN CA$24.99/pmKickoff: Today at 3 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. BST / 9 p.m. CET / 5 a.m. AEST (Wed)

*Australian streaming service Stan includes a 30-day free trial for the required baseline tier (usually $10-$21 a month), but the Stan Sport add-on is billed at $15 immediately for a month’s access.

This week’s free Champions League live streams

There are some fantastic free Champions League live streams each week around Europe. You won’t get every game, but as you can see from the list below, some big teams are streaming for free this week. If you’re not in the channel’s country, you can still watch by using a VPN to prevent the website from detecting your location and blocking you.

The VPN mimics the required country for your viewing device and lets you watch along for free. We’ve tested this for many live sports, including F1, Rugby World Cup, grand slam tennis, cricket, golf, and much more. 

Don’t have a VPN? There’s a fantastic offer right now on the best VPN we’ve tested and have been using for years for streaming and protecting our online devices. You can save 49% on the usual price of ExpressVPN and get three months for free. Better yet, if you’re unsatisfied, there’s a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Still not entirely sure you need a VPN? Take a look at our detailed ExpressVPN review to see why we rate it number 1. Then get stuck in and enjoy these free Champions League live streams.

October 4: Borussia Dortmund vs. AC Milan – RTL2 in LuxembourgOctober 4: RB Leipzig vs. Man City – ServusTV in Austria

*Belgium’s RTL Club is free, but you must create a free login to access the free Champions League streams. All other free channels this week don’t require an email login.

How to watch RB Leipzig vs. Man City live stream with a VPN

Sign up for a VPN if you don’t have one.Install it on the device you’re using to watch the game.Set location to required overseas streaming service’s country.E.g., Australia if using Stan Sport or the corresponding country mentioned above for this week’s free games.Create an account and sign in if required.Enjoy the game.Kickoff time: Today at 3 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. BST / 9 p.m. CET / 5 a.m. AEST (Wed).

Where to watch Champions League in the UK

There’s a fair bit of change this year. BT Sport has been renamed TNT Sport and now comes under the Discovery+ service. If you’ve been accessing it as a part of a BT TV subscription, you might have had an email about the change, but generally, you should be able to carry on as usual.

If you don’t have BT Sport/TNT Sport, you can sign up for Discovery Plus Premium (the cheaper tiers don’t include live sport) for £29.99 a month. You can also select it as part of a BT broadband bundle.

If the idea of tracking another streaming service grinds your gears, you might prefer the simpler option of adding it to your Amazon Prime membership as an add-on. It’s the same £29.99 a month, and you can cancel anytime. You might find watching it through Amazon Prime Video means you can enjoy Champions League live streams across more devices, as app support across TVs, consoles, and streaming sticks is much better for Prime Video than Discovery.

Get TNT Sport with Prime Video

Pro tip: If you want a cheaper option, you might want to try Australia’s Stan Sport, as you can subscribe with a UK bank account for less than half what it costs for TNT (we’ve tested this ourselves). You will need a VPN to access the site, and Champions League live streams outside Australia. It still works out cheaper, though. More details below. Or, if you just want the occasional free game, check out the latest free broadcasts mentioned above, which can be accessed with a VPN, too.

Where to watch Champions League in Australia

The Champions League is a Stan Sport exclusive in Australia. So you’ll need to sign up for Stan and then add Stan Sport as an add-on. The cheapest setup is $25 a month (for Stan Basic at $10 and Sport at $15). Better yet, it comes with a 30-day free trial first for the baseline tier – you’ll still pay $15 for the Sport add-on from the off, though.

Stan Basic only streams in standard definition, but Stan Sport’s content will stream in up to 4K, even when paired with this cheapest tier, so you might as well go Basic if you’re just getting it for sport. However, if you want to check out the TV shows and movies too, HD is $16 a month/$21 for 4K (then add $15 for Sport). All are on rolling one-month contracts, so there’s no long-term commitment.

If you’re eying up this option via a VPN as a cheaper alternative to your country’s Champions League streaming service, we can confirm it will work. We were able to pay with a UK bank card (tested September 2023) and have full access to the streaming service. You could also use a travel card like Revolut to pay in local currency so you don’t get a foreign transaction fee from your bank.

Where to watch Champions League in the US

This is where ‘soccer’ being so far down the rankings of the most popular sports in the USA really pays off for viewers who want to enjoy the most prestigious competition in club football.

You’ll find every last Champions League game live streaming on Paramount Plus from just $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year (you wouldn’t get two months of action for that annual price in the UK!). So yes, you can opt for the cheapest Paramount Plus tier and still get the Champions League despite it not having CBS, as the games will run via separate feeds. If you have CBS already, you’ll find it airs some games, but nowhere near as many as Paramount Plus. 

Can I access Champions League on Paramount Plus with a VPN?

Yes and no. If you set up Paramount Plus while already living in the US and are traveling abroad, and want to keep watching, you’re all set. A VPN will indeed let you tune in like you were still in the US.

If you have a non-US subscription, like in the UK, you won’t be able to access the US version’s content with those same login credentials via a VPN on the app or the US website, as they’re essentially different apps and services in each country. Unlike Netflix, which will allow one login to work anywhere via a VPN.  

If you’re outside the US and want a US account, it would seem Paramount Plus has made it difficult for outsiders to create one recently. That’s because you’ll need a US form of payment, and we’ve found international currency cards, like a Revolut, don’t count.

What about PayPal? You’ll need to create a US PayPal account, which must be verified by a US mobile phone number. So, if you can get around all this, you can enjoy the best value Champions League live streams in the world.

Note: The use of VPNs is illegal in certain countries, and using VPNs to access region-locked streaming content might constitute a breach of the terms of use for certain services. Insider does not endorse or condone the illegal use of VPNs.

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