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The 20 best small cities in the US

Portland, Maine.

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Personal-finance company Wallethub has identified the best small cities in America.
It compared 1,321 cities across five key metrics, including affordability and quality of life.
The list is dominated by cities in the Midwest and South, particularly in Massachusetts and Indiana.

Tucked away from major metropolises, small towns offer residents an escape from the frenetic pace of urban life. Though they may lack the cosmopolitan flair of larger cities, like an abundance of restaurants and entertainment, they compensate with other crucial factors, including lower housing costs.

Wallethub has released an annual report that ranks the best small cities in America. The personal-finance company compared 1,321 small US cities — those with population sizes between 25,000 and 100,000 — across five key metrics: affordability, economic health, education and health, quality of life, and safety. 

These are the 20 best small cities in the US, according to Wallethub. Insider included the median home sale price for each city as of August, utilizing data from Redfin, and population figures derived from the latest Census data, unless noted otherwise.

20. Arlington, MassachusettsArlington, Massachusetts.

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Median housing cost: $976,000Population: 45,522

19. Franklin, TennesseeFranklin, Tennessee.

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Median home sale price: $767,500Population: 86,895

18. Portland, MainePortland, Maine.

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Median home sale price: $550,000Population: 68,424

17. Appleton, WisconsinGreen Bay, Wisconsin, pictured here, is a 38-minute drive from Appleton.

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Median home sale price: $279, 250Population: 74,511

16. Zionsville, IndianaIndianapolis, Indiana, pictured here, is a 27-minute drive from Zionsville.

Median home sale price: $653,000Population: 31,982

15. Kaysville, UtahKaysville, Utah.

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Median home sale price: $629,525Population: 32,761

14. Needham, MassachusettsWellesley, Massachusetts, pictured here, borders Needham.

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Median home sale price: $1,691,000Population: 32,091* (Pulled from 2020 census data, the most recently available)

13. Redmond, WashingtonRedmond, Washington.


Median home sale price: $1,281,000Population: 76,732

12. Apex, North CarolinaApex, North Carolina.

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Median home sale price: $587,000Population: 71,065

11. Bozeman, MontanaBozeman, Montana.

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Median home sale price $715,000Population: 56,123

10. Brookfield, WisconsinBrookfield, Wisconsin.

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Median home sale price: $435,000Population: 41,958

9. Saratoga Springs, New YorkSaratoga Springs, New York.

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Median home sale price: $712,500Population: 28,593

8. Melrose, MassachusettsMelrose, Massachusetts.

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Median home sale price: $890,000Population: 29,155

7. Milton, MassachusettsBoston, Massachusetts, pictured here, is a 20-minute drive from Milton.


Median home sale price: $956,000Population: 28,364

6. Fair Lawn, New JerseyPaterson, New Jersey, pictured here, borders Fair Lawn and is a 20-minute drive from New York City.

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Median home sale price: $687,500 Population: 35,279

5. Fishers, IndianaFishers, Indiana.


Median home sale price: $396,000Population: 101,966

4. Westfield, IndianaWestfield, Indiana.

Michael Sinclair/The City of Westfield

Median home sale price: $450,238 Population: 54,605

3. Brentwood, TennesseeBrentwood, Tennessee.

Facebook/City of Brentwood, Tennessee Local Government

Median home sale price: $1,251,200 Population: 45,136

2. Lexington, MassachusettsLexington, Massachusetts.

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Median home sale price: $1,718,500Population: 34,074

1. Carmel, IndianaCarmel, Indiana.

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Median home sale price: $502,000 Population: 101,964

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