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Here’s what Kevin McCarthy is losing after Matt Gaetz knocked him out of the Speaker’s chair

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is surrounded by press and police on the way to the chamber, at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023.

J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

Rep. Kevin McCarthy was ousted as speaker of the House on Tuesday in a historic vote.In addition to the title, McCarthy will lose his higher salary and large Capitol Hill office.He also will lose access to high-level intelligence briefings from the White House.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s time as speaker of the House ended as remarkably as it began: for the first time in US history, his fellow representatives voted to oust him as their leader.

But the title isn’t the only thing the California Republican is losing.

The motion to vacate the speaker came days after McCarthy worked with some Democrats to pass a last-minute funding bill that avoided a government shutdown, angering some hard-right members of his party like Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Rep. Patrick McHenry is now serving as interim speaker until the House holds another election, the last one of which took 15 rounds of voting for McCarthy to earn enough support to win.

Despite maintaining the support of the vast majority of House Republicans, McCarthy said Tuesday he would not be seeking the speakership again.

So it appears McCarthy really is out of the position he held for about eight months. Here’s what else he’s losing.

The speaker’s salary

With the speakership, McCarthy was making an annual salary of $223,500.

Going back to a regular member of the House means McCarthy’s salary will be cut drastically to $174,000, which is what members of Congress who do not hold leadership roles make.

The Gang of Eight intel briefings

The Gang of Eight is an informal title used to refer to the eight leaders in Congress who are included in classified intelligence briefings by the executive branch.

The group includes the leaders of both parties in both the House and the Senate, as well as the chairs and ranking minority members of the intelligence committees in both the House and the Senate.

With McCarthy out as speaker, he’ll no longer have access to those White House intelligence briefings.

The speaker’s suite

The speaker of the House occupies the Office of the Speaker in the Capitol. The speaker’s office is a large, elaborately adorned suite located near the center of the main Capitol building.

McCarthy moved into the speaker’s office at the beginning of this year before he actually had the votes to get elected speaker, prompting Gaetz to accuse him of “squatting.”

Due to limited space in the Capitol, most representatives’ offices are located in the congressional office buildings adjacent to the Capitol building.

The buildings are still part of the Capitol complex and close to the actual Capitol, but the longer walk from the House chamber to McCarthy’s potential new office in another building should give him extra time to think about what exactly went wrong in his time as speaker.

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