Costco superfans now have their own warehouse-themed Monopoly game – with tokens like the $1.50 hot dog combo

Costco Monopoly features properties that the product listing says were “lovingly drawn by a Costco Super-fan.”


A new Costco-themed Monopoly game celebrates 40 years of the warehouse club.The jumbo-sized board features properties inspired by 22 locations around the world.Die-cast player tokens immortalize the food court’s pizza slice and $1.50 hot-dog and soda combo.

The all-American family holiday tradition — gathering ’round the old Monopoly board for three hours, accusing Uncle Joe of cheating, and coming to the verge of physical violence — gets a fun, wholesale club-themed twist.

To help celebrate its 40 years in business, Costco just released a (naturally) jumbo-sized Monopoly game featuring properties inspired by 22 locations around the world, “lovingly drawn by a Costco Super-fan,” the product listing says.

Players develop properties and raise rents via the addition of food court tables, culminating in a warehouse.

And instead of buying up railroads, players can invest in store departments like Bakery and Deli, while Pharmacy and Optical stand in place of the utilities.

The player tokens are sure to present some tough choices – and arguments – before the game even begins.


Six die-cast player tokens reflect such warehouse icons as the $1.50 hot-dog and soda combo, the pizza slice, the jumbo shopping cart, and the all-important pallet jack.

There’s no jail — only mandatory vacations with Costco Travel — and players’ fates are decided by Gold Star or Executive membership cards.

Although Costco requires members to be at least 18 years old, the game says it is suitable for ages 8 and up.

Sure to be a popular holiday or birthday gift for super-fans, Costco Monopoly is currently available in warehouses for $39.99 and online for $44.99.

No word yet on whether it will bear the dreaded “star of death” indicating a limited supply.

The game joins an earlier “Treasure Hunt” 1,000-piece puzzle illustrated by Eric Dowdle that was released a few years ago to the delight of brand loyalists.

It’s yet another way that die-hards can wear their passion for Costco on their literal and metaphorical sleeves.

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