Video appears to show Ukraine using a ‘Shark’ drone to pinpoint 5 Russian ‘Buk’ missile systems, then destroying them with HIMARS

A Shark drone used by Ukraine to spot Russian equipment during the war.

Department of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

A video on social media shows Ukraine using HIMARS to precisely strike Russian air defenses.Published by energy company Okko, the footage shows a drone camera clearly scoping out the defenses.A single “Shark” drone was used to help take out five Russian missile systems, Okko said.

Social media footage appears to show Kyiv’s forces using a single drone with a powerful optical zoom to scout the precise locations of Russian surface-to-air defenses.

The video, published by Ukrainian energy company Okko on Friday, shows an aerial view of mobile military equipment that can be clearly seen in fields.

The sets of equipment appear to be surface-to-air missile launchers, which Okko said were “Buk” missile systems, otherwise known as SA-11s, in occupied Zaporizhzhia.

The launchers disappear in smoke and fire, which Okko said came from HIMARS fire that turned the missile systems “into scrap.”

“The occupiers tried to hide their equipment in the landing, but it didn’t work,” Okko’s Facebook account wrote.

The company said a single “Shark” drone, which it provided to Ukraine’s forces, had been used to pinpoint the Buk launchers.

“Yes, these sharks know how to clean up,” it wrote.

Okko and the Ukrainian non-profit “Return Alive” bought two Shark drones for Ukraine’s military intelligence in July as part of a charity project called “Eye for an Eye,” according to the Department of Intelligence.

The project raises funds to buy military equipment for Ukraine’s forces.

The gifted Shark drones would be used for spotting targets for HIMARS, a Telegram post from Department of Military Intelligence said.

One Shark drone weighs around 27 pounds.

Department of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Shark drones were unveiled by Ukrainian company Ukrspecsystems in October, and have a range of up to 50 miles, top speeds of 80 miles per hour, and can fly nearly 10,000 feet above ground.

The 27-pound drones are designed with a 30x optical and 3x digital zoom, and a full-HD camera that can swivel 360 degrees, per Ukrspecsystems.

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