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Monthly Archives: September, 2023

Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he could ‘afford to have five or six people be idiots’ during standoffs in the 1990s, a contrast to...

Kevin McCarthy, left, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.AP Photo/Andrew Harnik Newt Gingrich recently told Politico of the difference between the '90s-era House GOP...

Breadfruit Is A Climate Smart Superfood With Global Appeal

With its immense potential for food resilience and security, breadfruit has immense potential to support climate smart sustainable development globally.

If The Italian Coast Is Overcrowded This Summer, Try The Gin

Portofino Dry Gin looks to capture the essence of the ever-popular Ligurian Riviera through local botanicals and emulative packaging.

Duane Davis Can Be Convicted Of Tupac Shakur’s Murder Even If He Wasn’t The Triggerman—What To Know About The ‘Hardened Gangster’

Davis, who has admitted to being in the car used to commit the drive-by shooting of Shakur, was arrested early Friday morning and indicted...

Democrats Join McCarthy In Celebrating Budget Stopgap—And Taunting MAGA Wing

If the Senate approves the bill, the measure would provide government funding and avert a shutdown for 45 days.

One Key Stat To Monitor For Every Indiana Pacers Player This Season

The Indiana Pacers are entering a unique season with playoff hopes and development goals. Different players will have different objectives.

Ukraine is retrofitting agricultural drones designed for farmers with 20-kilogram bombs that can be aimed at tanks

Ukraine drone operators are taking agricultural drones and using them to target Russian tanks.Marko Djurica/Reuters Ukraine is using drones meant for farmers to target...