The US is selling Taiwan a $500 million search and tracking system for its F-16 fighter jets

The tracking system will be used by Taiwan’s F-16 jets.

US Air Force

The US has agreed to sell Taiwan a $500 million tracking system for its F-16 fighter jets.Taiwan plans to use the system to help identify long-range targets.China has been increasing military activities near the island, which it views as its own.

The US has signed off on a $500 million arms deal with Taiwan in a move that could further stoke tensions with China.

The Pentagon informed Congress of the sale of an F-16 infrared search and track system to Taiwan following approval from the US State Department Wednesday. It’s the 11th arms deal between the countries since Joe Biden became president in 2021.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the US had agreed to a deal over the tracking system, which it said would help it defend the volatile Taiwan Strait. China regards Taiwan as part of its territory.

“In the face of China’s ongoing military expansion and provocations, Taiwan will do its utmost to enhance its self-defense capabilities in order to protect its people’s lives, property, and free and democratic way of life,” Taiwan’s government said in a statement.

The country’s defense ministry said it intended to use the tracking systems on its F-16 fighter jets to help it better detect long-range targets.

However, in a statement to Reuters, the Pentagon said the agreement “will not alter the basic military balance in the region.”

The deal is the third this year between China and Taiwan following a $619 million agreement for the sale of anti-air and air-to-surface missiles in March.

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