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This Snake River Farms promo code gets you two free steaks in time for Labor Day barbecues

Stock up on SRF meats and get two free top sirloins on orders $150+ with code INSIDERTS.

Snake River Farms

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Get a head start and stock up on meats for your Labor Day barbecues with this awesome Snake River Farms deal. Insider readers can get two free six-ounce Wagyu Top Sirloin steaks with orders $150 and more using exclusive promo code INSIDERTS.

This promotion will run through the end of the year, so there’s plenty of time to take advantage of this opportunity to load up on quality steaks. Snake River Farms is the top option in our guide to the best meat delivery services, taking the spot in the ‘best high-quality variety’ category.

Snake River Farms’ Labor Day promotion could also net you a free BBQ grilling pack with promo code LABORDAY23. On orders of $199 or more, you’ll get two packs of Wagyu ground beef (normally $14 each) and either one pack of Wagyu hot dogs ($12) or one pack of jalapeno cheddar sausage ($16). Just fill your cart up until you reach the required total, enter the promo code, and you’ll be able to choose the bundle before inputting your order details.

Note: you can’t apply both these promo codes to the same order, so you’ll need to determine which works best for you. You could also try placing two separate orders if you have an unusually large family to feed.

Two free sirloins with this Steak River Farms promo code

This deal is simple: just add $150 or more worth of Snake River Farms meats and other products to your cart, then enter promo code INSIDERTS. You’ll see two six-ounce Wagyu Top Sirloin steaks added to your cart automatically for $0. These black-label steaks normally run for $18 each, so it’s a nice bonus to stick in the freezer for a rainy day.

Premium Wagyu steak delivery and more

Snake River Farms is a direct farm-to-table service that removes the middleman from every step of the meat-making supply chain. That means one company controls the sourcing, breeding, raising, butchering, quality control, packaging, and delivery. Many Michelin-star restaurants purchase their meats from Snake River Farms, another testament to their quality.

In their Snake River Farms review, One Insider editor tried an order and immediately noticed the quality difference. They expressed total satisfaction with the purchase and resulting meal despite the pricey delivery. The meats arrive in an insulated, biodegradable box with dry ice packs and a reusable thermal bag. You’ll want to take delivery as soon as possible in warmer climates, but your meats should be fresh on arrival.

You can order your cuts ala carte, but Snake River also offers pre-built bundles and boxes. American Wagyu is Snake River Farms’ specialty breed for beef. That includes classics like New York Strip, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, and Top Sirloin to niche varieties like the massive Cowboy steak or Tri-Tip. The company also sells Kurobuta pork, dry-aged cuts, surf-and-turf bundles, pre-smoked BBQ meats, and more.

Shop Snake River Farms’ premium Wagyu steaks and more.(Use code INSIDERTS on orders $150+ for two free Wagyu Top Sirloin steaks.)

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