A video shows an advanced Russian T-90 tank destroyed by a $500 hobby drone fitted with explosives, says Ukraine military – DAVID RAUDALES


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A video shows an advanced Russian T-90 tank destroyed by a $500 hobby drone fitted with explosives, says Ukraine military

A screenshot from a video of a Russian T-90 tank falling off a cliff and being destroyed by Ukrainian attack drones.

Ukrainian Air Assault Forces/Telegram

A video shows a Russian T-90 tank falling off a small cliff and becoming stuck.
It became a sitting duck for Ukraine’s attack drones.
Ukraine has been rigging cheap drones with explosives and striking expensive Russian equipment. 

A video appears to show the moment a Russian T-90 tank falls off a small cliff and is then destroyed by a Ukrainian attack drone.

The Ukrainian Air Assault Forces shared footage of the incident on Telegram, which shows the tank slipping off a leafy cliff face and appearing to become stuck halfway down. 

The next shot shows the vehicle being struck by a drone, which causes it to explode.

“Another enemy tank – done,” the 80th Air Assault Brigade said in the post.


The successful strike was carried out using a FPV (first-person-view) drone, the post said, which are cheap hobby drones that Ukraine is re-inventing to take out Russian equipment worth millions.

The amateur loitering munitions can be armed with with a makeshift warhead and severely damage expensive tanks and weapons systems worth millions of dollars, imposing far greater costs on the enemy, Insider previously reported.

“The whole point is cost,” Samuel Bendett, a Russia defense and technology expert at the Center for Naval Analyses, told Insider. “These are extremely cost effective.”

The cost of a single FPV drone tends to be around $400 to $500, or roughly the cost of a new Playstation.

A Russian T-90 tank in Moscow’s Red Square during a Victory Day parade rehearsal on May 6, 2010.


An account called War Monitor on X, formerly known as Twitter, which tracks events in the conflict in Ukraine, said that the destruction of the T-90 took place south of Klishchiivka in Donetsk, near Bakhmut, the scene of the most fierce fighting of the 18-month war.

The 80th Air Assault Brigade, one of the Ukrainian Army’s oldest and most battle-hardened formations, was deployed to Bakhmut last month, according to an exclusive report in the Jerusalem Post.

Russia has suffered huge equipment losses during its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, with visually documented losses of over 2200 tanks, per open-source tracking website Oryx.

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